How can I change lenses?

Your OXO 4K Camera comes with a 25mm lens, however you can also use the 16mm to get a greater angle of view and a greater depth of field allowing you to wide your AOV. In case you are changing lens please follow these steps:

  • Make sure that both lens you want to switch have their lens caps firmly affixed to them.
    Set the lens that you want to attach to the camera on a stable, flat surface, with the front element pointed down.
  • Make sure that the camera is turned off. This is important because it cuts off power to the camera’s sensor. When power is on, the resulting electric charge could attract dust.
  • Point the camera down. By keeping the camera pointed downward, you will prevent anything form falling into the open lens port, and you may also encourage contaminants already in the camera to fall out.
  • Hold the body of the camera with one hand and disengage and remove the lens with the other hand.
  • Keeping the camera pointed downward, set the lens down next to the other lens, also on its front element.
  • Quickly remove the end cap from rear element of the new lens and place it on on the rear element of the old lens. Then pick up the new lens and attach it to the camera body by screwing.
  • When you have securely affixed the replacement lens, go back to the old lens and screw the end cap onto it.