OXO Light

See and record every detail

Get the most out of your OXO 4K Camera with our portable LED headlight. OXO LED Light offers natural shadow-free light, which can be plugged directly to the battery of your OXO 4K Camera so no more cables are needed!

Powerfull balance

Its advanced LED technology produces 42.500 lux (WD 25 cm) at a colour temperature of 5.700 Kelvin (daylight) for up to 9 hours with full intensity, so you can use it for a full day.

Natural lighting

OXO LED Light uses white high-performance LEDs (5.700 Kelvin) for the most natural lighting possible. OXO LED lifespan is about 30.000 hours at a luminous flux of 70%, which translates to over 8 years clinically.

Shadow & Flicker Free

The engineered light housing illuminates 42.500 lux at a working distance of 25 cm, providing uniformly lit field of vision no mater which part of the oral cavity you look at. Its shadow-free illumination ensures to have clear and absolute details of the area under examination and its flicker-free design keeps the level of illumination constant for a flicker-free video result.

Visual Comfort

Thanks to its LED dimmer, OXO LED Light is able to adjust the brightness for the proper lighting needed. Its pattern is consistent throughout, illuminating a square area of 70mm from a distance of 25 cm.

OXO LED Light is one of the lightest lights, weighting less than 8 grams to maximize comfort and one of the smallest lights, with a compact diameter of 16 mm to minimize obstruction.

Enhanced Ergonomics

OXO LED Light is a portable headlight systems, which improves posture during procedures. You will be able to view and record patients with more details and clarity while staying at an optimal distance.

Powerful Efficient System

Using lithium polymer technology, its battery pack is rechargeable and provides over 9hrs of life at constant brightness. A low-battery indicator will show you when the battery needs to be charged. It will take 6 hours to charge from zero to full.


Technical Specifications

Optical data

LED type
Colour Temperature
Typical luminous flux
Typical illumination diameter
Average LED life cycle

White high-performance LED (3Watts)
5,700 Kelvin
42,500 lux (WD 250mm)
70mm (WD 250mm)
30,000 hours (luminous flux at 70% of
the maximum)

Electrical data

Operating voltage /
Power consumption
LED dimming

3.3V /550mA
Max. 1.8Watts
Push-button switch (25%, 50%,75%,100% Level)


Battery Capacity
Battery Life
Charging time/Full charge

5V 5.700mAh


Temperature Control

High temperature cut-out



Hyper flex
1,5 m


Cure filter, cable management clip, loupes universal clip


LED illumination device (D x W x H)

Ø 16mm x 18mm
7.7g (w/o cable)

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature
Relative humidity

85% max.