State of the Art Industrial Design

OXO 4K Camera packs many advanced technologies inside. It comes with an IMX377 12MP image sensor, 4K lens and much more. Your OXO 4K Camera can produce video and still images of the highest quality you can imagine.
Let OXO 4K Camera be your new work partner.

4K Video

Built with the Sony IMX377 image sensor and 4K lenses. Records 4K/30fps at 60mbps, 4x the quality of 1080p. OXO 4K Camera reaches high-end technology.


Whatever your work is Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) reduce motion blur and stabilize your videos without the use of any chair light or flexible arm mounting solution or post-production editing. Your videos will be stable and smooth

12Mp Photo

Take great 12MP photos thanks to our glass optical lenses combined with F8  aperture increases depth-of-field take to capture crisp and detailed footage at a working distance from 20 to 70 cm.

Powerful and Intuitive User Interface

OXO Cam App provides advanced image quality settings for professionals, but keeps the interaction simple and intuitive, just like a smartphone.

With OXO 4K Camera there is no need to be plugged to a any device. OXO 4K Camera is wireless, fitting perfectly into everyday dental workflow in all practices. You won’t need to interrupt your regular practice and you will keep focused on patients.

Sony’s IMX377 image sensor
A Superb Image Sensor

Ensuring superb image quality requires a reliable image sensor. Every OXO 4K Camera has been built ws 3840*ith a Sony IMX377image sensor, which provides reliability and excellent image quality but consumes less power and also delivers better image quality at low light. IMX377 sensor support2160 ultra-clear 4K video resolution and 12Mpx photo. It has 1.55um high sensitivity large sensor pixel size which helps produce bright images with clear details.OXO 4K Camera captures every moment of your work in clear 4K video resolution or 240fps.

Lightweight and Ergonomic design

Powerful state-of-art technologies inside, lightweight and ergonomic design on the outside. With its optimized 35 gr weight distribution you will hardly notice that you have them on your loupes.


Attach the OXO 4K Camera to your loupes and start enjoying your work from an unobstructed point-of-view (POV) angle. No matter what loupes you use. Our different connects make it possible to mount the OXO 4K Camera on any loupes.


You can mount your OXO 4K Camera to most of dental lights. Use our Dental light adapter kit to attach the camera to your light and integrate your OXO 4K Camera into every operatory.

Flexible Arm

Mounting the OXO 4K Camera to a flexible arm is an excellent option for filming in laboratories, universities and any other training centers. Use our Flexible Arm accessory to get more out of the education.

Manual Image Quality parameters
settings for advanced users

OXO 4K Camera allows you to manually set IQ parameters such as Exposure Value Compensation (EV), Level Sensitivity (ISO), Metering Mode, White Balance (WB) and more. Achieve your potential and create professional work.

Safe Recording

With OXO 4K Camera you won’t miss any great moment. With its safe recording function, OXO 4K Camera will create 3 minutes length video clips. Processing your videos will be much easier and in case the memory card becomes full or you run out of battery, your camera will have save all your work until the previously recorded footage.

Digital Zoom

OXO 4K Camera allows you to capture stunning videos and high quaility photography. With its 2x digital zoom you can be further away from patients when taking pictures, avoiding the intimate zone.

Dual Microphones

With a 360° omni-directional built-in microphone and AAC, records stereo sound in 48kHz with dual microphones. Advanced audio coding can achieve better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. You can capture 4K with high quality audio to match.

A more comfortable experience for educators

Experience another level of video streaming with the OXO Wireless HDMI solution. Putting together our HDMI Kit and our recommended Wireless HDMI Tr/Tx, you will be able to enjoy wireless video streaming. You can also do normal video streaming by connecting an HDMI cable directly from the camera to the TV.


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