My camera gets very hot, is this normal?

  • Do not expose the camera to direct sunlight.
  • Do not put it near a heat source.
  • Do not cover it.
  • Remove HDMI port cover while recording (Important!)


It is common for the camera to be warm to the touch. The camera’s body acts as a heat sink for the processor, allowing heat from the internal parts to escape from the camera.

When capturing video at high resolutions or high frame rates, the camera may become quite hot to the touch as it requires lots of processing power and large amounts of data being written to the SD card very quickly. You will also find that the SD card is hot too. Please remove the HDMI port cover while recoding in order to reduce the temperature inside the camera.

Your camera has been designed to identify conditions of overheating and shuts down when needed. It allows it to achieve high levels of performance, while maintaining good operating conditions for the internal components. Its operating temperature is in accordance with regulation IEC 60950-1 on the safety of information technology equipment.

If the camera gets too hot and needs to cool down, the camera emits a bip indicating that the camera is shutting down. Simply let it sit and cool before attempting to use it again.