Short record times, what could be the issue?

If you notice that your camera is recording for significantly shorter than expected durations, please follow the steps below for troubleshooting to fix it. You should be able to record continuously until your 64 GB microSD card is full or you opt to stop the recording.

1. Remove HDMI port cover while recording

2. Try recording in a different mode

OXO 4K Camera is able to record in 4K. When using these high resolution or frame rate video modes, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power.

Lack of lighting, lack of airflow around the camera or using the camera with the OXO App, further increases camera temperature and power consumption, and decreases camera recording time.

If the camera is stopping a recording without prompt, try decreasing the resolution and/or frame rate to see if the symptom is limited to a certain mode

2. Make sure you’re using a known-good microSD card.

Check out our list of officially recommended microSD cards (see the list)
If your card is too slow, the camera may stop recording as the card can’t keep up with the output of data from the camera, regardless of your recording settings.

3. Charge the battery
Allow the camera to completely charge.

4. Format your SD card in the camera.
If you want to save any files that are currently on your microSD card, please save them to your computer. Next, format your microSD card in the camera by using the Format function of the OXO App.

5. Record a video with your camera
Set your camera to 1080x60fps, and record a video until your 64 GB microSD card is full. The length of the total video(s) recorded will vary depending on the camera and recording environment.